It was a big year for hotel technology in 2014. Some of the biggest highlights include:

· Oracle’s acquisition of Micros, this has not been fully realized outside the company, but will eventually.

· Hotels continue to struggle with WiFi bandwidth to support guests needs

· Keyless Entry was another popular trend, however, security concerns remain.

· Google Glass didn’t last long, as its voice-activated interface didn’t pan out to be effective for guest interactions.

· Mobile Payments, like Google Wallet, also didn’t gain much traction. But trends may be leaning toward pay within the app used to book a service.

· Mobile & WiFi were big headliners, and probably will continue to be, with a strong emphasis on guest service apps.

On Mobile & Wifi - Jon Inge & Associates, hotel systems consultancy, aptly suggests, “Greater need for synergy between guest facing apps and management systems is still necessary, though, if their real potential is to be realized,