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ALICE is Turning HiTec into a Hotel: Come Stay with Us at Booth 443

ALICE is Turning HiTec into a Hotel: Come Stay with Us at Booth 443

ALICE is Turning HiTec into a Hotel: Come Stay with Us at Booth 443 June 11, 2015


ALICE is headed to HiTec.

From June 15th to June 18th we’ll be exhibiting our technology at the world’s largest hospitality conference, held this year in Austin, Texas.

It’s not too late to schedule a demo, but spots are going quickly.

Click here to reserve your spot.

For four days we’ll be turning our booth at the Austin Convention Center into a hotel - demonstrating the value of our digital concierge with our #AskALICE mobile request campaign and providing our guests at Booth 443 with on-demand refreshments (New York-brand coffee and cupcakes), mini-golf and massages. Download our app and hit the “Ask ALICE” for button for immediate answers to any and all HiTec queries, including, but not limited to, HiTec survival tips, the best neighborhood eating spots, and insights to the (surprisingly happening) HiTec nightlife scene.

Our hotel partners have joined us this year by offering great prizes to HiTec attendees that we will be giving away in our very own ALICE contest. To win these awesome free giveaways, download our app and enter our HITEC Hotel for a chance to win a stay in New York City, getaways at our partner hotels, Knicks tickets, a round of golf at the prestigious Sebonack Golf Club, a Casper mattress, and six months free ALICE deployment at your hotel, among other great prizes. We’ll release fun questions in-app throughout the conference. All you have to do is answer the questions to be entered in each session’s giveaway draw.

Click here for more instructions on our ALICE contest.

ALICE is looking forward to debuting transformative new features of the ALICE mobile platform at HiTec:

A game-changer in hospitality, our new Languages feature will facilitate foreign language communication between travelers and hotel staff. Visit us at Booth 443 to experience the real-time chat translation we’ve built into every interaction between hotel guests and staff. Read more about our industry-first real-time translation feature.

With the integration of Web Surfaces into our platform, ALICE is now able to provide as complete a guest experience as ever before. Any website pertinent to the guest’s experience can now be embedded as part of the native mobile experience. Train times, airport times, local reviews and even our hotel’s own blogs can now live seamlessly within the ALICE Guest Platform.

“At ALICE, we are obsessed with the simplification of service and breaking down barriers that exist in hotels. Barriers between guest and staff, between silo’d departments and between properties within a hotel group. With the latest releases of our languages solution, we are proud to be able to breakdown further barriers to service; those between international guests and a diverse staff team who will be able to communicate seamlessly in their native language.” — Alex Shashou, President of ALICE.

ALICE invites you to experience the future of hospitality technology at HiTec’s Booth 443. We hope to see you there.