Hoteliers are always looking for new ways to enhance their relationship with their guests. As guests expectations of service continue to rise, a new Skift report looks at the potential for automated messaging to enhance brand loyalty.

The problem: Standard email messages are failing to build a relationship with guests

Currently hotels are finding their own one-off interactions and general email blasts to be less than ideal in creating sustainable relationships with guests. We have all received the standard email templates after booking. Every guest receives the same message regardless of their preferences, the time of year and ultimately their reason for going on the trip in the first instance. One has to assume that fewer than 10% of guests are even opening these, let alone reading them.

The solution: Personalizing your message

Improving technology solutions for hotels are enabling the collection of data on guest behavior like never before. The ability to use this data, collected in your Guest CRM or if you do not have the luxury of one, then your PMS notes, is key to delivering effective personalized messages to your guests.

Take for example a guest that eats at the same restaurant each time they visit a certain city. Imagine the emotional response if you were to offer to book that restaurant straight after booking.

Discover your guest at the point of booking

As we covered, a guest is most excited at booking. Rather than just sending out the generic booking confirmation message, hotels should use this excitement to discover more about their guests. Why their guest has booked a trip? What the guest likes and doesn’t like? What does the guest hopes to accomplish on this trip?

Though targeted emails or more engaging mobile options available, hotels can encourages guests to set personal preferences and follow the hotel on social media. They can then start to build a fuller profile on their guests to create a personalized messaging experience.

Use mobile and automated messaging to deliver

As guests become increasingly mobile-savvy, they are opening up a new channel of communication with their hotels. Traditionally, a hotel could only talk to a guest when the guest has a request for them. But with mobile, hotels can start using automated messaging and push messages to deliver targeted special offers. If done correctly, leveraging the preferences learned about guests, hotels can build a relationship with guests that is more powerful than ever before.