Is it possible that mobile can actually increase the quality of hotel customer service?

Hospitality, as defined by, is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers; therefore we can conclude Customer Service is the foundation of any hotel. But should hotels provide a “hospitable” experience solely through face-to-face interaction or can mobile devices provide a new channel for customer service? And is it possible that mobile can actually increase the quality of that customer service?

The millennial generation is using mobile more than any other channel. So not providing a mobile route to manage your guest's stay will surely leave you vulnerable to other hotels that are delivering on mobile.

Mobile customer satisfaction is not only about hotel guests feeling in-charge of their stay, but also for hotel staff to feel equipped and empowered to fulfill the needs of their guests.

In an article about Mobile Customer Service, Vice President at Gartner, Michael Maoz asserts: “Marketing may fill the sales funnel, and the sales department can close a deal, yet it is the overall impression of the enterprise generated by the quality of customer service that differentiates one enterprise from another.”

In order to provide a friendly and generous reception of guests, there needs to be a fluid system that enables this to happen.