Expedia launches real-time hotel reviews to further enhance the guest experience by helping hotel brands deliver better overall experiences while the guest is still on the property. The instant reviews work by alerting guests after they check-in for a live review, asking about specifics such as the check-in experience and room quality. The guest can thus offer live feedback on the experience, rather than wait until later to complain or identify issues. The hotelier then has the new opportunity to address any negatives and enhance any positives while the guest is still on-property.

With Mobile Customer Service becoming the standard, there is no doubt hotels will be both challenged and afforded the opportunity to address customer reviews on the spot. Delivering this functionality will enable hotels to provide rapid response to guests. Not only will this enhance the guest experience, it will promote hotel staff performance and accountability, and thereby mitigate negative reviews (a persuasive factor for business travelers, as seen in this article) that show up on sites like TripAdvisor, etc.

Source: tnooz