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Learn about ALICE Concierge
Never Drop a Guest Request
ALICE has you covered with a variety of ways to notify your team when it’s time to take the next step in a request or when something falls through the cracks
Team-Wide Communication
Enable your Front Desk to access all of your concierge's guest requests and vendor information, for excellent guest service 24/7
New Guest Communication Channels
Guests can communicate with your team how they like; via text message, email, phone, in person, or through your hotel apps
Concierge-Led Technology
We’ve spent the last two years working with New York City’s leading concierges to build a solution tailored to making your job easier

Your job can be tough.

We can help.

Log all requests with one system
Quickly log reservations, transportation, packages, wake up calls, lost & found, and everything else, all in one place.
Smart Vendor Database

Automatically import vendor details with our Google-powered database. Everything you need to focus on curating vendor relationships and insider information.

Package Management
Record, maintain, and easily access a log of all incoming and outgoing packages, shared across your entire hotel. 
Hotel-Branded Confirmations & Recommendations
Create confirmation letters, itineraries, and vendor suggestions personalized to every guest, which you can easily email, print, or save.
Our Customers Include
Work With Us
Work With Us
“We gave ALICE a wish-list for the ultimate concierge solution. A system which would allow us to curate local vendors, capture reservations, and communicate with guests in mobile and SMS. I’m ecstatic with what ALICE delivered in such a short time. It is intuitive and personalized.”
Noah Lemaich
Chef Concierge