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ALICE won the HotelTechAwards for Best Concierge Software

ALICE concierge has been really unique and helpful to us for two reasons. One, a lot of the other solutions out there felt dated, but the ALICE solution keeps up to speed with you throughout your day. You're able to log things a whole lot quicker, you're able to find information about vendors a whole lot quicker, and having an updated design has just made it a whole lot easier to use. The fact that concierges can work on the web with ALICE feels similar to a lot of the other websites that we're used to using, instead of being on an antiquated version of the Internet."

Noah Lemaich, Director of Brand Standards, SIXTY Hotels

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Your job can be tough. We can help.

Log all requests with one system
Quickly log reservations, transportation, packages, wake up calls, lost & found, and everything else, all in one place.
Smart Vendor Database

Automatically import vendor details with our Google-powered database. Everything you need to focus on curating vendor relationships and insider information.

Package Management
Record, maintain, and easily access a log of all incoming and outgoing packages, shared across your entire hotel. 
Hotel-Branded Confirmations & Recommendations
Create confirmation letters, itineraries, and vendor suggestions personalized to every guest, which you can easily email, print, or save.

Our Clients Include

“We gave ALICE a wish-list for the ultimate concierge solution. A system which would allow us to curate local vendors, capture reservations, and communicate with guests in mobile and SMS. I’m ecstatic with what ALICE delivered in such a short time. It is intuitive and personalized.”
Noah Lemaich
Chef Concierge