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December 31, 2018

March 3, 2018

Six months ago, we were thrilled to announce the acquisition of GoConcierge to our ALICE family. Since its inception, GoConcierge has been the Gold Standard of concierge software, helping concierge desks around the world deliver exceptional guest experiences. We're delighted to join forces with the GoConcierge team, to continue this tradition of developing exceptional concierge software.

Instead of maintaining multiple concierge applications, we believe the best approach is to concentrate our efforts and resources on one platform - ALICE Concierge - which will allow us to deliver the world’s best concierge product.

We are excited about our vision and development roadmap, and will work closely with you to get your team upgraded to ALICE Concierge during the last quarter of 2018. 

Adam Isrow & Alex Shashou

Why we're excited


How to learn more about upgrading to ALICE


In 30 minutes, we’ll introduce you to ALICE Concierge, explain the upgrade process, and provide a quick demo. Come with your questions - we’ll also do a live Q&A!

Concierge Advisory Board Call

The Concierge Advisory Board is a forum for us to have an open dialogue about our technology development roadmap, and for us to seek advice from our users, the concierge community, on how we can enhance the product and learn new desired features and functionality to ensure we are meeting and even exceeding your needs.

At a City Near You

We’re partnering with Concierge Associations all over the country and around the world, to meet with our concierge community in person. Come to one of our events to hear about the upgrade process and see a live demo of ALICE Concierge. Don’t see an event in your neck of the woods? Email upgrade@alice-app.com to request we come to your city.

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  • Location
  • Association
  • April 25
  • Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles Concierge Association
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  • May 7
  • Orange County Concierge Association Trade Show
  • Orange County Concierge Association
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What is ALICE?

ALICE is a an operations platform connecting all of your hotel departments to manage staff work and guest communication. As a part of its platform, ALICE has created an award-winning concierge software, used by thousands of hotels globally. To learn more, click here.


ALICE won the hotel tech awards for Best Concierge Software


ALICE Concierge


With the merging of two great companies, we are truly excited about our new ALICE Concierge offering. The same names and faces that built GoConcierge over the last 17 years have been vital in making ALICE Concierge the world-leading concierge product.
Excellent Support
Continued commitment to providing exceptional support to our customers
+100 team members
Larger company with more resources to meet your technology and support needs 
The Same Features
Features you love:

OpenTable, Quick Links, PCI Compliance, Vendor Database, Itineraries, and Letter Confirmations

The ALICE Platform
We are building the first cross-departmental platform that places the concierge at the center of the hotel
User Friendly
Easier to learn and and extremely user friendly
New Tools

Enhanced Guest Texting, Package Management, Daily Checklists and Mobile Access from your phone or tablet

After a decade and a half of bringing GoConcierge to the best hotels in the world, I couldn’t be more excited to help transform ALICE Concierge into the most powerful tool yet for my concierge friends and this dynamic industry we’re all so passionate about.” 
Vickie Miller, Customer Success Manager at ALICE
With ALICE, we finally have a tool to both support our growing team, as well as help us in our mission to provide the most personalized, high-touch concierge services for our clients as possible."
Silke van Mourik, Lifestyle Manager at Con Questa Concierge & Lifestyle Service


Sep 2017

ALICE acquires GoConcierge

GoConcierge team joins ALICE

Oct 2017

Product development process begins

Nov 2017

ALICE creates Concierge Advisory Board

Jan 2018

ALICE Concierge wins Hotel Tech Awards for Best Concierge Technology

Feb 2018

Initial Upgrade outreach begins

Mar 2018

ALICE begins sending contracts to hotels

Apr to Jun 2018

ALICE Customer Success Manager schedules transition date with your hotel

Sep to Dec 2018

We will upgrade your hotel through virtual training, making sure each staff member is an ALICE expert

Dec 2018: All customers are upgraded to ALICE Concierge!

Product Setup & Professional Services

Upgrading to ALICE Concierge is a seamless installation. We will automatically upload your GoConcierge settings and open tickets into ALICE before the upgrade.
We have developed virtual classroom training to ensure each concierge is an ALICE expert. Plus, we will provide an online Help Center to answer any ongoing questions.
We gave ALICE a wish-list for the ultimate concierge solution. A system which would allow us to curate local vendors, capture reservations, and communicate with guests via mobile and texting. I’m ecstatic with what ALICE delivered in such a short time. It is intuitive and personalized." 
Noah Lemaich, Director of Brand Standards, SIXTY Hotels
Any product that creates intimacy, drives guest loyalty, increases guest engagement, and facilitates real-time guest recovery is priceless!"
John Agosto, Former General Manager, The Evelyn Hotel

Product highlights of ALICE Concierge

One System

Quickly log reservations, transportation, wake up calls, dining reservations, and everything else, all in one place.

Team-Wide Communication

Enable your Front Desk to access all of your concierge’s guest requests and vendor information for excellent guest service 24/7.

Package Management

Record, maintain, and easily access a log of all incoming and outgoing packages, shared across your entire hotel.


Guests can communicate with your team how they like; via text message, email, or through your hotel's app.


No more double work. Make one dining reservation in ALICE to automatically add the same reservation to OpenTable.


With our Google-powered vendor database, adding restaurants to your lists has never been quicker or more accurate.

Everything you need to do your job

ALICE Concierge
One system for all of your requests
Team-Wide Communication
Package Management
Texting & Email with your guests
OpenTable Integration
Smart Vendor Database powered by Google
Credit Card Storage
Hotel-Branded Letter Confirmations & Itineraries
Integrated with your PMS
Search & Saved Filters
Quick Links
Reminders & Escalations
Ticket History



What is ALICE?
ALICE is a hotel operations platform that connects your hotel staff and departments with a single system. ALICE’s primary focus is to provide thousands of hotels globally with the most innovative and advanced concierge technology, ALICE Concierge.
What is the rationale for no longer supporting GoConcierge?
We believe the best approach moving forward is to have one platform where we can invest all of our resources. This will allow us to deliver the world’s best concierge software, ALICE Concierge, and ultimately the best operations software for all departments within a hotel.
When will I be upgraded to ALICE Concierge?
Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule a date to upgrade to ALICE Concierge. We will be upgrading all clients between September and December, so please reach out as soon as possible to schedule a call to discuss the upgrade process and timing.
What happened to the GoConcierge team?
The very same, wonderful individuals who have built, supported, and delivered GoConcierge are now working with the ALICE team to build and support a superior concierge application.
What other hotels are using ALICE Concierge?
Thousands of hotels are using ALICE Concierge. ALICE is currently in prominent hotels in almost every major U.S. city, as well as in Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Product Questions

How can I learn more about ALICE Concierge features?
Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email upgrade@alice-app.com. We would love to hear from you and walk you through our concierge application!
At what point will ALICE stop providing support for GoConcierge products?
We will stop providing support for GoConcierge December 31st, 2018.
What if I would like to access my data in GoConcierge after upgrading to ALICE Concierge?
We understand concierge may need access to previous guest information in order to provide excellent service. We will provide read-only access of GoConcierge until the end of 2019.

Pricing Questions

What are the costs to upgrade to ALICE Concierge?

Data, Migration, & Training Fee
To upgrade to ALICE Concierge, it is a one time $1000 fee, which includes virtual training and migration of your current and future tasks to avoid manual entry. We are committed to ensuring each staff member is an ALICE Concierge expert.

Monthly License Fee
Please contact your customer success manager to discuss the monthly license fee.

Product Setup & Professional Services

How do I upgrade to ALICE Concierge?
Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager by emailing them to schedule a call, or send an email to upgrade@alice-app.com.
Who do I work with at ALICE?
Your Customer Success Manager will be responsible for working with you on the upgrade process, and available for big picture questions and requests. 
What will the upgrade process look like?
First, schedule a call with your Customer Success Manager. On that call, we will schedule an upgrade date. On the evening of the day before the upgrade date, GoConcierge will become read-only. On the morning of your upgrade date, your team will participate in a remote training session for approximately one hour. After the session, your team will receive logins and you will be active on ALICE Concierge.
How will my team access resources after the upgrade?
ALICE will host regular webinars with a live trainer. ALICE also has an online help site with training documentation and videos. Additionally, our support team is available at support@alice-app.com.
What will happen to my tasks in GoConcierge?
Upon upgrading, your forward-looking tasks and active vendors will be transferred to ALICE Concierge. That data will continue to exist in a read-only GoConcierge through the end of 2019.

Next steps

Contact your Customer Success Manager by email or by filling out this form to receive contracts and schedule a date to chat.
On our preliminary call, we'll talk about how you use GoConcierge today and how you'll accomplish the same work with ALICE Concierge going forward. Please include your GoConcierge Champion and any key decision makers needed to sign contracts.
Ready to learn more? Fill this out and we'll contact you by the next business day!